What traditional methods don't catch

Pachama has found that 69% of certified forest carbon projects have at least one of three quality concerns that put sustainability programs at risk*


Not Additional

Emissions would have been reduced or avoided without a carbon project. For example, a new planting would’ve happened with or without credit funding.


Over Credited

The credit issuance was based on faulty assumptions. For example, calculations assumed an inflated risk of deforestation.


Degrade Over Time

The project does not deliver a lasting climate impact. For example, between crediting issuances the forest experienced major deforestation.

The Pachama Difference

Pachama harnesses remote sensing technology to see what traditional methods can’t.

Invest in Quality

Choose from rigorously vetted forest restoration and conservation projects across the globe. We help you confidently invest in line with your company’s values to reduce carbon emissions, support local communities, and preserve biodiversity.


Monitor Projects Over Time

Continuously monitor project performance to ensure the longevity of your investment. Pachama’s cutting-edge technology uses high-frequency forest data to detect deforestation signals and enable you to take early action.


Communicate with Confidence

When you invest in nature, you invest in rich biodiversity, local communities, and lower emissions. Pachama makes it easy to share your impact with evocative imagery, data visualizations, and intuitive reporting.


Partnering with leading brands around the world

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The Enterprise Experience

As a large organization, you’ll receive dedicated support from Pachama experts who will help you confidently invest in forest conservation and restoration.

Expert consultation

The Pachama team understands the markets, knows the projects, and will help you seamlessly invest in high-quality carbon credits.

Tailored project portfolios

Curate a list of tech-verified projects that have a meaningful impact on the climate, biodiversity, and local communities.

Data at your fingertips

Trace all transactions, track your impact, and monitor projects over time all in one intuitive portal.

Quality credits for your customers

Pachama's API seamlessly links your marketplace with our exchange, making it easy for your customers to buy quality credits.

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