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Your support of quality forest carbon projects reduces emissions and removes carbon dioxide from our air. As you reduce greenhouse gases, you also protect critical forest ecosystem services and wildlife habitat.


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Quick Facts

Forests are critical ecosystems and incredible carbon sinks. Trees are the most scalable and efficient way to remove carbon today. Forests are so important that every single international climate plan includes dramatic measures to protect and restore forests. Beyond that, forests are also hotbeds of biodiversity, providing a home to the majority of animals and plant species on the planet. They’re essential to regulating heat and clean water. Forests are a source of livelihood and home to many communities around the world.

A carbon credit is a financing tool to support projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions or recapturing carbon from the atmosphere. A single carbon credit is equal to one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent gases. Carbon credits were formalized by the United Nations Kyoto Protocol. That UN body also developed the key principles and rules guiding verified credits today. In the past, there has been a range of activities that could issue carbon credits. Many experts believe that carbon markets previously were flooded with unverified credits that did not represent real carbon reduction. Our team at Pachama wants to change that. We work only with projects that have third-party verification and pass our own standards.

Pachama is on a mission to solve climate change by restoring forests, nature’s carbon sinks. Pachama harnesses satellite imaging with artificial intelligence to measure carbon captured in forests. This technology enables modernization of old carbon markets by providing new transparency and assurance to carbon buyers worldwide. Every project we offer on the Pachama platform is validated using our remote technology to ensure you are supporting credible carbon projects.

Our reforestation projects will plant trees. But conservation or improved management projects usually do not plant trees. Instead, these projects allow for natural recovery or protection of existing forests. Also, we measure carbon, not trees! After planting, seedlings might die. But a carbon verification process ensures you are supporting projects where trees are not just planted but grow and thrive, sequestering carbon along the way.


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Work to reduce your emissions and work with Pachama to compensate your footprint or go further and remove the carbon dioxide you’ve already emitted by supporting critical ecosystems that need your protection.